Comment on the Estonian Government’s decision to postpone the cruise ships calls until 01.05.2020

Comment on the Estonian Government’s decision to postpone the cruise ships calls until 01.05.2020

Today, the Estonian Government introduced special measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, including postponing the acceptance of cruise ship calls until May 1, 2020. The management of Tallinna Sadam estimates that this decision will not significantly affect the Group’s financial results, as the cruise season begins in April and the restriction concerns cancellation of only four cruise ship calls. We have not received any other cancellations from cruise companies until now, but we will continue monitoring the situation. During the 2019 cruise season from April to October, the total number of cruise ship calls was 345 and the number of cruise passengers was 660 thousand. The Government’s restrictions do not concern international passenger lines or ferry lines between Estonian mainland and largest islands.

We have been invited to cooperate within the Baltic Connector project, which is a natural gas transportation system, connecting Estonia with Finland.

We are agents to the producer of the cement covered pipes from Greece and two cargo ships, which will bring the pipes to Paldiski.

The first vessel Pacific Victor has already left port after unloading her cargo of 3868 pipes. She came on the 25th of March and left port on the 31st March.

The operation was well prepared and showed high cooperation  level between all sides.

The second ship MV Seamaster  is under way and will be in Paldiski on Friday, April 18th


To let is a 3-level office building or part of it on Vilja 5, Muuga Port. It may be used for production center or office. Total space to let is 1172 sq. meters, consisting of 27 rooms varying from 7 to 44 sq. meters each.

Ideally suitable for business, connected with transit operations in Free Zone or production (like assembling of gadgets, small machines or any other items from parts in transit)

Contact person: Capt. Vladimir Hill

Mob. +372 5045794

Yesterday, on the 16th of August Silversea Cruises has informed us that we are 
rewarded for excellent family assistance work with medically landed passengers of the line with additional agency payment in the amount of EUR 300!

This is the first time in 27 years with Cruise Ship Agency that principal has added to his payment for agency! 
Thank you, Mr. Spyros Almpertis

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